Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Hollister, Ray-bans and the beach

Hola :D

I'm so buzzed about summer coming!!! Finally we have had some warm weather, and my friend and I went to the beach. Here are some photos and my OOTD.

 Sorry it's small but it's quite blurry :( I am wearing...

Shorts, Topshop
'The Pacific' top, Hollister
Shoes, Primark
Plain black hoodie from somewhere I can't currently remember

My favourite part of this outfit is the Hollister top, it's really beachy but kind of classy too. I bought it from the Brighton store for £28. I lurrvvve Hollister, it's the best shop ever!!!

My beloved Ray-bans

It was lovely being at the beach and hopefully we will be able to go there loads over the summer.

Thanks for reading!
Lorna x