Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Review: Supercat Liquid Liner


The other day I was looking for a new liquid eyeliner, and I finally decided on a product- Supercat, by Soap & Glory. I have an undying love for S&G, especially their Hand Food cream, so I was really pleased when I found this. And I am not disappointed!

Here are a few photos...

I love the packaging! It is true Soap & Glory style- girly and bold. The pink, gold and black immediatly caught my eye on the shelves in Boots.

It comes in a really neat pen form with a firm, pointed tip which is good for detail (flicks, etc). The fine tip allows thin lines but you can do thick if you turn it sideways. The colour is carbon black, so it's pretty bold when you put it on, which I think is really good.

Excuse my terrible skin- it's still a bit chapped from the winter- but you can see that the pigment gets into all the nooks and crannies of my skin. This gives it a really even finish, and it doesn't smudge easily like some liquid liners do. Plus, it's fairly cheap at £6.00 from Boots.

The only negatives I can find for Supercat are that:
1) It was really faint on first use, and took several uses to get the liquid flowing.
2) It is not waterproof AT ALL. I forgot about the swatch on my hand and was walking through town in the rain, and the next thing I knew it looked like an ink pen had exploded over my skin. Just something to bear in mind!

But apart from that, I really can't fault this product, and I'm sure I will be buying it again once the first pen runs out. I'd definitely recommend it to eyeliner lovers out there.

Tomorrow I will post some photos of me wearing Supercat in some different styles, but I'm in danger of rambling so that will do for now!

Lorna xxx

Monday, 27 May 2013



Just to let everyone know, you can now follow my blog via Bloglovin! See the link on the right-hand side of my blog.

Lorna x

Friday, 24 May 2013

My Top 5 Body Sprays


The other day I got a new body spray so I thought I'd say a bit about which sprays are my favourites, including some of my old ones. By the way, I'm a bit obsessed with fragrances and sprays and I didn't really need another one, but I have been coveting it for ages! So here are my top 5...

1. Soap & Glory Glam-a-lot body spray

This has got to be my favourite spray overall- it's fun, floral and flirty. I love sweet fragrances and this one is absolutely perfect. The only negative is that the fragrance doesn't last very long- a couple of hours after use and you can't smell it at all. Still it's not too expensive, at £6.00 (from Boots) and the bottle has lasted me ages. Go out in this and you are guaranteed to get complimented!

2. Body Shop Coconut body mist

This is the new addition to my collection! The fragrance is irresistible, but not to be tried if you don't like coconut! It's not overpowering at all, but quite subtle and reminds me more of a perfume than a body mist. It is slightly more expensive, at £7.50, though I got it cheaper with a voucher. But I would definitely have paid the full price if I had to. It's worth it for the quality, and the smell sticks with me and keeps me refreshed all day. It is from the new range of body mists in The Body Shop which all smell delicious, but I'm glad I chose this one.

3. Ted Baker London body spray

A friend bought me this spray a while ago but I only just started using it. It's a bit richer than my other sprays, it's quite elegant and sophisticated but still seems like a summer fragrance. The smell is meant to be bergamot and red fruit, and the citrusy bergamot really comes through. I've seen the London body spray in Boots for £5.00, which is a really good price, as it is quite classy but the odour doesn't last very long on your skin.

4. Boots Passionfruit body spray

These last two are a bit cheaper but I still really like them. Fourth place goes to the Boots Natural Collection body spray, which I have being using for years and have bought countless times. I also like some of the other body sprays in the range- wild strawberry, mango, etc. It's quite popular, I could name you several of my friends which use it. This spray is a kind of mixture of flowers and candy, which sounds really weird but is actually really lovely. It's like a burst of energy, it doesn't last for very long but it really revitalises my skin. I don't recommend using it all over your body though, as they suggest on the bottle, as you come out smelling like very perfumed sugar ;) But in small doses, I really like it.

5. Revlon Charlie Touch body spray

Quite rich and heady. If the sprays that I have mentioned had ages, this would be the oldest, as although the packaging suggests that it is for teenagers, it has quite a sophisticated scent. I tend to use this if I am going out, as it lasts quite a long time and is not too strong. The scent is rose and vanilla, and you can pick out the individual smells, which I think is always good. There are loads of other Charlie body fragrances by Revlon, but I haven't tried many of them. Also, they are incredibly cheap at £1.69 (from Superdrug), but you would never know as they seem to be good quality.

So, that brings an end to my list- I recommend all of these sprays and they will all be great for the summer. Comment if you have a favourite body spray that I have not mentioned, I'm always looking for new ones to try!

Lorna x

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Summer shorts

Hey guys,

Now that it has started to get warm outside, everywhere is selling summer clothing. I've seen loads of clothes that I want and it looks like coloured shorts are going to be really big on the beach this summer. Here are a few types that I really like...

I lurrrve these shorts, they are eye-catching and perfect for the beach. I'm going to try tie dying a pair of white shorts (£7.99 from H&M) so I'll keep you posted on how they're going.

The aztec pattern has been popular for a while on leggings, bags, etc. There are now loads of aztec shorts and hotpants in the highstreet shops, especially in New Look. They look really stylish and I think will be great for festivals. I really like the studs and the frays on these ones. And talking about aztec, I love this bag:
Enjoy the start of the summer!!!

Lorna x