Thursday, 27 June 2013

Review: Sweet Lips lip scrub

Heyy guys,

It's Day 6 of the brand challenge and my product for today is the Sweet Lips lips scrub from, of course, Lush. I've been using Sweet Lips for years (literally) and I love it so much. 

Lip scrubs exfoliate your lips, and Lush has come up with this clever scrub in the form of flavoured sugar. And here's the other thing... you can eat it! Although I wouldn't use it in baking :P What you do is scoop out a bit of the sugary stuff, rub it on to your lips, and lick it off. It doesn't actually tell you to lick it off, but the shop assistant said I should, and everybody with a Lush lip scrub seems to do it.

 I love Sweet Lips, and I use it almost every day. It leaves your lips so soft and smooth, and helps if they are chapped. It is vanilla and chocolate flavour, and tastes and smells delicious. The sugar doesn't make your lips greasy, but removes dry and dead skin. I find it really useful if I want to apply lip gloss/lipstick, because it smoothens your lips and rubbing on the sugar even plumps them up a bit.

The downside is that the sugar can be a bit messy. It sticks to your face, and obviously if you get it on your cheek or your nose (like I did) then you have to have a seriously long tongue to lick it off. Because of this, I can't put it on without a mirror, which is annoying if you're somewhere without one. Also, if you get it wet when it's on your skin then it goes very sticky, and if your don't manage to lick it all off it kind of congeals on your face. Urgh.

The only other thing is that it's quite expensive for a very simple lip product. It's £5.25, so it's worth considering cheaper options too. Still, the pot lasts an extremely long time, but it does go a bit weird after a while, like normal sugar. I accidentally got a droplet of water in the pot and it dried in dark lumps. But that was my fault. Here are some more photos of Sweet Lips and me using it...


Despite the negatives, I do love Sweet Lips, and also another of the Lush lip scrubs, Bubblegum flavoured, which is bright pink and tasted like candyfloss. I definitely recommend Sweet Lips for people with dry lips, but for people with already lovely lips, I think a cheap lip scrub from Boots or a good quality lip balm might be just as effective.
Thanks for reading!

Lorna xxx


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    1. It is, you should definitely get it! xoxo

  2. amazing lorna! amazing;)

  3. thanks for your review I really want to try this now xx

  4. HELLO!This is such a lovely post! I am about to follow you. Maybe you could head over to my blog and follow me too? I have an upcoming post about the LUSH COSMETICS event I was invited too.
    PS-Love the design of your blog

  5. Amazing product and photos! It looks like such a funny lip balm to use!
    Keep up with your blog, I love it! You're doing an amazing job!


  6. Great review! :) I really want to try this although sometimes I feel I can get the same results by saving money and just using plain sugar on my lips. Hmm.

  7. Great review, I have not tried this scrub yet I keep sticking to bubble gum as it tastes so good haha :D x

  8. I absolutely love anything from Lush, but I've always skipped on the lip scrubs for some reason! After seeing your review I might need to go pick one up :) New follower!

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  11. Beautiful Blog!
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  12. lovely post!! i had the bubblegum one and it was amazing!

  13. Hi! I like your blogger header :)
    Do you mind sharing with me how it is done? Thanks xoxo.


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