Saturday, 1 June 2013

Supercat continued...

Heyy people,

A few days ago I posted about my new felt tip eyeliner, Soap & Glory's Supercat. I said I'd upload some images of me wearing the product so you can see what it's like when it's actually used on the eyes, but I lost track of time! Anyway, I have uploaded the photos now :)

Before you look at the pics, I'm sorry about the awful application. I'm a bit of a newbie to eyeliner- I have mega sensitive skin and I've never been able to find a liquid liner which doesn't give me an allergic reaction. So this product is a life saver! But as I said, I'm not very good at putting it on, so you'll have to bear with me.

Sorry it's not very clear :/
Also I forgot to curl my eyelashes, so you can't see my mascara! But FYI,  it's Maybelline Smoky Eyes.
You get the idea. I love this eyeliner because it's so bold and easy to apply (although I did stick the pen in my eye a few times!) See my post 'Review- Supercat Liquid Liner' for more info on the product.

I like the look of eyeliner flicks, winged eyeliner, etc. Here are some really good examples...

All of these lovely ladies are wearing winged eyeliner in some shape and form. The celebs- Katy Perry, Fearne Cotton, Rita Ora, Emma Watson, Cara Delevingne, Beyonce and Taylor Swift. It would be a miracle if mine came out like this, but I'll keep practising!


  1. Your eyeliner looks great don't worry;) and those celebrities have had it done by make up professionals who have done it most of their life! aha, great review!

    Charlotte xxx

  2. That makeup looks cute on you!

    I invite you to my blog.

  3. eyeliner's looking good lornaa;)


  4. you did such a good job with the winged liner, it suits you so much!

  5. love that eyeliner look :)


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