Monday, 12 August 2013

Review: Max Factor volumising mascara


Today I thought I'd do a quick review of my new mascara- Wild Mega Volume by Max Factor. My sister works in Superdrug (which is great, especially the discounts!) and she bought me this mascara for only £4.50, which I think is amazing as it's a relatively new product.

I admit that I did not take this photo, but I think it's good because you can see the wand shape really clearly. The wand is quite large with thick bristles, and is slightly curved in the middle so it follows the shape of your lashes. The size of the wand is good because you can cover all of your lashes at once, but it has become a bit gunged up after everyday use.

The actual mascara has a creamy consistency, which I prefer to gel and liquid mascaras. It makes your eyes look really big and dark, and really volumises (is that a word?) your eyelashes.

The downside is that the heavy consistency of the mascara means that it clumps very easily, which I think is quite common in volumising mascaras. To solve this I use a Boots own eyelash comb, which seperates the clumps and makes the mascara look more evenly applied. In the photos below I didn't use an eyelash or brow comb, which is why the mascara looks a bit clumpy and uneven in my right eye.

Personally, I don't think this mascara suits my eyelashes. I tend to go for definition and seperating mascaras, not volumising ones, but I guess Wild Mega Volume does makes a nice change. I would recommend it for a night out, especially for girls with light, thin or spread out lashes. And definitely for bargain hunters like me!

Thanks for reading :)
Lorna xxx