Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Winter leggings

Hey guys,

So first I want to say I am sooooo sorry for not blogging for so long! I am seriously ashamed of myself! But it's not entirely my fault, we had to scrap my laptop so I have been without a computer for months :'( Luckily I still have my phone, and today I have managed to sneak on my sister's laptop while she's out!

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Because it's winter I have decided to say a bit about my most worn winter item... leggings! I am a bit of a leggings addict, they are so comfy and you can get them in so many different patterns and colours. My favourites at the moment are part wool leggings because they keep you really warm and I love the patterns on these 3 so much...they aren't very good pictures but you get the idea!

1) New look, £8.99
2) New look, £12.99
3) Jack Wills, £29.50 (I think!)

I love the New Look leggings because the material is really soft and easy to wear. The pattern on the orangey-brown pair is bold but you'd be suprised how many tops they go with. They aztec design can make any outfit or plain clothing look interesting! The only thing I can fault about these is that they wear very easily and I don't think the seams are very strong, but for the price it doesn't really matter.
The Jack Wills leggings have a much more subtle design.They are obviously a much higher quality material and I prefer the fit, but they do cost a lot for leggings and I think New Look have a better range of patterns and colours.

I have so many more leggings that I love, but a lot of them are too thin for cold weather. In the spring I will try to do another post about some of my other favourites. Thanks for reading!

Lorna xxx

P.S. I am hopefully getting a new laptop soon (once I have saved up a bit more), so then I will be able to blog more regularly again. Keep a look out for my posts;)