Thursday, 25 July 2013

Brighton Haul

Heyyy guys,

I promised that I'd post about my impressive haul from last weekend, so here it is! If you didn't see my first post then let me fill you in- I went to Brighton with a few friends and basically went a bit mad in Primark and a couple of my other favourite shops. Here's what I brought back with me...

The only thing I really needed to buy in Brighton was a bikini, but I came back with a bikini plus a dress, a skirt, a top and sunglasses. And I was trying to save up my money!? Anyway, I was on a hunt for a bikini and I'd seen that there was a swimwear sale on the Hollister website, so that was where we went first. But unfortunately, we were too late and the only bikinis left were in extra larges sizes and were a bit mismatched. So we went to the other end of the scale, Primark.

I lurrrrve Primark, and once again it didnt let me down! I picked up a bikini for the brilliant price of £4 (top and bottom). I like the design, it's black with a simple tie up halter neck, which somehow makes it look kind of classy, but then it has bright pink stripes. It has I was lucky because it was the last one left in my size. The material is quite flimsy and soft though, which makes me think that it won't take long to get worn and out of shape. But at the price that it was, it doesn't really matter. So at last I won't have to go swimming in the sea in my bandeau! I think this bikini will be perfect for my holiday in a few weeks time, we're going to Spain! Sooooo excited!!!

We were in Primark for ages and I also bought myself a top and a skirt. The skirt is a short, denim skater skirt, which will be nice for the beach because I can just wear it with a bikini top or a bandeau. It looks really good with the top that I bought, which is a baggy burgundy t-shirt. Together they make a super comfortable, summery outfit which will keep me cool on the really hot days. As we were in the queue I also grabbed a pair of sunglasses for £1.

After that I planned to start window shopping, but I saw a gorgeous dress in H&M and I couldn't help myself. It was £20 which is quite expensive for H&M, but in other shops I'm sure it would have cost a lot more.

I adore this dress! The pale blue denim and the simple design are so pretty. It's really just a denim bralet attached to a skater skirt, but as one piece it looks really lovely. I have seen similar dresses in Topshop and River Island and I was suprised to find it in H&M. It didn't seem like their usual style. I can picture this dress with a pair of plain sandles and red accessories.

That was the end of my clothes buying, but I had one more thing to get... macaroons!!! I love macaroons but you can hardly get them anywhere, not the proper ones anyway. On the way back up the high street we went into the Cocoa Patisserie, and I am literally drooling thinking about it.

I could easily have bought the whole display of cakes, tarts and other nibbles, but I was drawn to the massive selection of macaroons. The cool French guy over the counter gave me what looked like a menu with the different flavours on it, and I settled for a vanilla macaroon, a chocolate one and an intriguing pistachio one which was bright green. I ate them before I had a chance to take pictures, but this was the menu I was given.

Of all the shops we went to over the day, the Cocoa Patisserie is the one I would most like to go back to! I shared the macaroons and we all thought they were delicious, although they were ridiculously overpriced. But if you've never had a macaroon, I seriously recommend them!

Anyway, that's all I have to say about our day in Brighton! It was nice to go to some of the shops that I don't have near home, and also to see the amazing graffiti walls. Thanks for reading!

Lorna xxx


  1. Nice haul! Love the sunglasses and that Ramones t-shirt, and those macarons look incredible! xo


  2. Great buys - love the ramones tee :) x

  3. great haul, new follower!


  4. I absolutely LOVE your blog! Cute clothes!

    Emily oxo

  5. I love your fashion sense! Can't wait to read more!
    -Hannah :) x


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