Sunday, 24 February 2013

Scallop-edged top Review

Heyyy guys, today I am reviewing a new top that I bought from River Island the other day. I found it in the sale rack for £8 which I thought was really good because it was down from £20! And luckily it was the right size for me too :)

Here is a picture of the top...

What do you think? It's made out of a really soft, stretchy cotton that is kind of silky, and I love the floral print. I think it will be great for summer! The scalloping at the bottom and the bow are pretty and the colour looks great over black leggings or jeans.

The only hang-up is that the material makes my hair go really static- if you know me you will know that I always suffer from this problem!!! Please comment or email if you know how I can stop my hair going crazy with static, the only solution I have found is to dampen my hair slightly and I can't do this when I'm about to go out! Here are some more pics of me wearing the top.

Excuse my face! Im really pleased that I found this top and I think that there will be lots of them around in the summer! :)

Thanks for reading xxx

Saturday, 23 February 2013

The secret to drying nails quickly

You don't need any special machine or drying varnish to dry your finger and toenails quickly after painting them! I learnt a really useful and easy method off my friend and I now use it every time :)

The secret to drying your manicures is water! Nail varnish, like oil, doesn't mix with water and instead of making your nails wet, it helps to dry them! After painting your nails, fill a small bowl with cold water. The colder the better. Then put your hands (or feet) in the water and keep them there for as long as you can before you freeze to death. The first time I did it I was worried that the nail varnish would come off in the water, but it doesn't. Then rest your hands on a towel or gently wipe them until your skin is dry. By this time your nails should be dry too!

This method has always worked really well for me. Apparently if you add nail varnish remover to the water then it dries even quicker, but I don't want to try it in case it goes wrong! I hope this helps :)

Lorna xxx

Bumblebee nail design

These are some pictures of a nail design that I did ages ago. They were quite hard to do but they look really cute and perfect for spring! :)

For this design I used yellow, black and light blue nail paint by Barry M and Natural Collection white for the eyes. You can't really see it but the wings are glittery, and for this I used StarGazer sparkles, from New Look (cause I am so high class haha). You also need several cocktail sticks and some masking tape.


- Paint your nails yellow and wait for them to dry. As you are waiting, cut thin strips of masking tape, each about one third of the length of your nails.
- When your nails are dry, lay the strips of tape over the middle of your nails, where you want the yellow strip to be. Then paint your whole nails black, painting over or to the edged of the tape strips
- Once the black layer is dry, carefully peel off the masking tape. It's really important that the nail varnish is dry or the two colours kind of mix together at the edges.
- Now comes what I think is the hardest part, the wings. You don't have to do wings but I think they look better if you do. Put a small spot of blue varnish where you want the wings to be, and then use one of the cocktail sticks to spread it out into a wing shape, kind of like a teardrop. Try to get all of the wings to look the same.
- Get another cocktail stick and put it into the white varnish pot. Do tiny dots for the bee's eyes, on the strip of black furthest away from your hand. If you have one, you can use a white nail art pen instead of using white polish and cocktail sticks.
- To finish off, go over the blue wings in the glittery varnish and when that is dry, coat your nails in one or two layers of clear or base coat nail varnish. Voila!

The final product (sorry it's blurry)
If you have time, I definitely recommend trying this design, you are sure to be complimented for it (if people can tell what it is!) :)
Thanks for reading xxx

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Peplum top Review

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted for a while! I have taken some pictures of my new peplum top though. It was £9.99 in New Look, which is where I get a lot of my outfits from! The top I have is black with a white floral print, though it was also available in white with blue and pink flowers.

Floral peplum in size 6 from New Look
Since I got the top, I have been wearing it constantly, it's sooo comfortable and goes with loads of my clothes. It's made out of a stretchy cotton which makes it really 'easy' to wear though one of the seams is slightly scratchy.

This is a close up of the floral print

With the top I am wearing black leggings, £7.99 also from New Look and a 'beach weave' bracelet which was £3.99 from topshop. You can't see my nails but they are painted with Barry M muted grey, which compliments the black and white top.

I definitely recommend peplum tops, they are comfortable and quite classy, and they are also really trendy at the moment :)

Thanks for reading!!! xxx

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Valentines day themed nails

Howdy!!! I know that valentines day has gone but I painted my nails to celebrate anyway :)
My valentines day nails!
Do you like them? These ones are the best because I am right handed and I had to do the other nails with my left hand. They looked a bit mangled. 

For this design I used 3 nail varnishes- 
Oil slick, £4 from Accessorize
Natural Collection clear, £1.90 from Boots
Models Own nail art pen in white, £6.10 from Boots

  1. Give your nails a base coat. You don't have to use the Natural Collection one, but I like it. It is very liquidy but it dries quickly and is quite cheap.
  2. Wait for the clear varnish to dry and then paint over it in your desired colour. I used 'Oil slick', which is a glittery dark blue. It's a really good nail polish but I had to put on 3 layers to get a bright colour.
  3. Go over your nails another coat of the clear varnish. This will stop the colour from chipping.
  4. Draw on the hearts. My new nail pen is amazing, you can add really tiny details but if you twist off the top there is a normal nail polish brush as well. I had to practise the hearts on paper first though because its really difficult to get them right first time. This was my third time using this type of design and I still got my whole right hand wrong ;)
  5. Finish with one or two top coats of clear. Voila!
Step 2

My finished nails (left hand)
I luuurve this design! But its not something you can do quickly. I started mine at 9pm and didnt finish until 10.15 (whoops). I definitely recommend it though!

Thanks for reading xxx

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mascara types

Heyy, I know this is not exactly fashion but I thought that I should start by talking about something I know really well... mascara! I have looooads of mascaras but there are a few that I would definitely recommend.

Maybelline smoky eyes and N.C Lashcare
Ok so here is my daily routine: one layer of clear and two layers of smoky eyes. That is what I have on in the picture :) The clear mascara is Natural Collection Lashcare, which I got for only £3 from Boots. This mascara is a dream come true, it seperates your eyelashes and keeps them from clumping when you put on black mascara. You can use it by itself if you want the too-natural look (it is natural collection haha) by I don't recommend it.

I only got the smoky eyes mascara the other day. Its officially called 'le Colossal Volume Express, smoky eyes' from Maybelline, which is a bit of a mouthful. It was £9 from superdrug. I really like it though it does clump if you do more than 2 layers.

Maybelline smoky eyes
My other favourite mascara is an ancient one called the Max Volume Flash from Rimmel. I honestly can't remember where I got it from but it makes your eyes look really big and dark.

This is just what I think, but no eyelashes are identical haha
Thanks for reading xxx