Saturday, 23 February 2013

Bumblebee nail design

These are some pictures of a nail design that I did ages ago. They were quite hard to do but they look really cute and perfect for spring! :)

For this design I used yellow, black and light blue nail paint by Barry M and Natural Collection white for the eyes. You can't really see it but the wings are glittery, and for this I used StarGazer sparkles, from New Look (cause I am so high class haha). You also need several cocktail sticks and some masking tape.


- Paint your nails yellow and wait for them to dry. As you are waiting, cut thin strips of masking tape, each about one third of the length of your nails.
- When your nails are dry, lay the strips of tape over the middle of your nails, where you want the yellow strip to be. Then paint your whole nails black, painting over or to the edged of the tape strips
- Once the black layer is dry, carefully peel off the masking tape. It's really important that the nail varnish is dry or the two colours kind of mix together at the edges.
- Now comes what I think is the hardest part, the wings. You don't have to do wings but I think they look better if you do. Put a small spot of blue varnish where you want the wings to be, and then use one of the cocktail sticks to spread it out into a wing shape, kind of like a teardrop. Try to get all of the wings to look the same.
- Get another cocktail stick and put it into the white varnish pot. Do tiny dots for the bee's eyes, on the strip of black furthest away from your hand. If you have one, you can use a white nail art pen instead of using white polish and cocktail sticks.
- To finish off, go over the blue wings in the glittery varnish and when that is dry, coat your nails in one or two layers of clear or base coat nail varnish. Voila!

The final product (sorry it's blurry)
If you have time, I definitely recommend trying this design, you are sure to be complimented for it (if people can tell what it is!) :)
Thanks for reading xxx

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