Sunday, 24 February 2013

Scallop-edged top Review

Heyyy guys, today I am reviewing a new top that I bought from River Island the other day. I found it in the sale rack for £8 which I thought was really good because it was down from £20! And luckily it was the right size for me too :)

Here is a picture of the top...

What do you think? It's made out of a really soft, stretchy cotton that is kind of silky, and I love the floral print. I think it will be great for summer! The scalloping at the bottom and the bow are pretty and the colour looks great over black leggings or jeans.

The only hang-up is that the material makes my hair go really static- if you know me you will know that I always suffer from this problem!!! Please comment or email if you know how I can stop my hair going crazy with static, the only solution I have found is to dampen my hair slightly and I can't do this when I'm about to go out! Here are some more pics of me wearing the top.

Excuse my face! Im really pleased that I found this top and I think that there will be lots of them around in the summer! :)

Thanks for reading xxx


  1. :O I LOVE the bow peter pan collar! This top is lovely, and sad to hear about the static! I will find a solution for you! :p
    Charlotte xxx

    1. Thanks Charlotte!!! My hair really does have a mind of its own :)
      Lorna xxx

  2. That top is cute!

  3. I have such a soft spot for these scallop detailing!! so cute!!<3 xo


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