Thursday, 13 June 2013

Brand Challenge Day 3- Retro products

Heyy guys,

I picked up the latest Lush Times and in the newspaper there was some information on a few products which are now being classed as 'Retro'. This basically means that the product has been discontinued, but will still be permanently available online. They can also be bought from the Lush store in Poole, but unfortunately this is one I've never had the chance to visit. Here are a few of the products which have been added to the Retro range:

 Waving not Drowning bath bomb

Although I've never tried this bomb, I know it's quite popular. The aim of Waving not Drowning is to help you get to sleep, and the fragrances are lavender and ylang ylang. I think this sounds like the ultimate relaxation bath bomb, and it's only £2.80 per bomb. I'm glad that this product has gone Retro and not completely dissapeared, because I think it could be really handy on a particularly tiring or stressful evening.

Smitten hand cream
'Just one touch and you're smitten'

Now this is one I have tried, as I bought it for my Mum last christmas. I also offered to 'test' it for her, and I was very pleased when she agreed. This is one of the only hand creams that will keep my fingers from getting dry and cracked in the winter, and it leaves your skin really soft and hydrated. It doesn't leave your skin oily like some rich moisturizers do. And I could literally sit there for hours smelling the pot, it smells so good, like marzipan and almond. Soooooo nice :)

Red Rooster soap

This is one of the coolest looking soaps I have ever seen! It makes me think of Autumn, with the bold, warm colours and the dried fruit on top. It may be pricey, really pricey, but I think it would probably be worth it. The fragrances are orange and cinnamon, which I think would be the perfect mix to give you a gentle wake up in the morning.

I doubt I'm the only one who is grateful for these products still being available online! I think making products Retro is a really good idea, and it means that I can still buy my favourite things even if they are discontinued in the stores.

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  1. Mmm Lush is one of my favourite shops! I love the range of bath products, especially the bubble bath bombs :)

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    1. Lush is one of my fave shops too! Ok, I'll check it out :D


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